Flight Details
Baikonur-Flight Details
Location: Baikonur
Flight Requirements
Level Required: Level  13
Stars Required: Stars  10
Plane Required: Plane  Jet
Fuel Required: Fuel  22
Passengers Required: Passengers  80
Flight Duration
Flight Time: Time  03h 00m
Catalyst Acceleration: Catalyst Speed Up  25m 12s (2x)
Fuel Speed Up: Fuel  44
Skill Levels
Specialist: Stars  19 Flights
Master: Stars Stars   38 Flights
Expert: Stars Stars Stars  75 Flights
Flight Rewards
Gold Coins: Coins  103
Experience: Experience  75
Common Items: Astronaut Helmet (very seldom)

Blue-green Algae (very seldom)
Frog (very seldom)
Fruit Flies (very seldom)
Lab Rat (very seldom)
Life Support System (very seldom)
Magnetic Boots (very seldom)
Spacesuit Gloves (very seldom)
Thermal Garment (very seldom)
Wheat (very seldom)

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Formerly known as Leninsk, Baikonur is a city in Kazakhstan that was constructed to service the Baikonur Cosmodrome.

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