Flight Details
Berlin-Flight Details
Location: Berlin, Germany
Flight Requirements
Level Required: Level  31
Stars Required: Stars  58
Plane Required: Plane  Jumbo
Buildings Required: Flight School
Items Required: Oscillating Beacon

Flight Catering

Fuel Required: Fuel  48
Passengers Required: Passengers  380
Flight Duration
Flight Time: Time  08h 00m
Catalyst Acceleration: Catalyst Speed Up  01h 07m (2x)
Fuel Speed Up: Fuel  90
Skill Levels
Specialist: Stars  30 Flights
Master: Stars Stars   60 Flights
Expert: Stars Stars Stars  120 Flights
Flight Rewards
Gold Coins: Coins  220
Experience: Experience  200
Common Items: Dispatcher Console (very seldom)

Flight Goggles (very seldom)
Flight Helmet (very seldom)
Plate Gloves (very seldom)
Radar (very seldom)
Shield of a Knight (very seldom)
Steel Cuirass (very seldom)
Sword of a Knight (very seldom)
Teutonic Helm (seldom)

Special Items: Communication Antenna (very seldom)

Fuel Pump (very seldom)
Green Paint (very seldom)
Gun Camera (very seldom)
Handheld Scanner (often)
Haze Machine (very seldom)
Loudspeaker (very seldom)
Mail Sorter (often)
Marking Machine (often)
Numerator (often)
Oil Container (very seldom)
Optical System (very seldom)
Power Amplifier (very seldom)
Solar Cell (very seldom)
Spaceship Launch Console (very seldom)
Spotlight (very seldom)

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