Cosmic Fuel Station
Cosmic Fuel Station
Level Required: Level  10
Land Required: Size  2x2
Coins: Coins  4000
Electricity Required: Electricity  12
Construction Time: Construction  01d 00h
Items Required: 4 Assembly Robot

4 Spaceship Engine
4 Laser Level
4 Robot Tester

Inventory Coins: Coins  3200
Yield Time: Time  01d 00h
Common Items: 1-4 Solid Fuel (always)
Neighbor Common Items: Dehydrated Vegetables (very seldom)

Canned Meat (very seldom)
Biscuits (very seldom)
Chocolate (very seldom)
Vitamin Cocktail (very seldom)

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The Cosmic Fuel Station produces the Solid Fuel needed for the launch of the Apogee Mission or the Prometheus Mission.

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