Dark Skies

This is the Android version of the Dark Skies event. For the Facebook version, see Dark Skies (Facebook).

Event Host

Event Description

Twilight fell on Airport City, bringing along a horde of terrible monsters. Find a way to fight the ghosts and seal the portal that they're coming from to receive a special reward. Professor Klandau is here to help you!


Related Missions

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Item Sets



  1. Send planes on Dark Skies Flights to obtain Abnormal Activity items. Complete the collection to receive a Crystal Ball.
  2. Activate the Crystal Ball bonus to land guest Ghost Planes and receive Warlock's Collection items. Complete the collection to receive a Soul Net.
  3. Activate the Soul Net to summon more Black Wraiths to your airport.
  4. Chase away the Black Wraiths with Aerosol. Aerosols can be obtained from Dark Skies Flights, purchasing a Jack's Chest item set or as gifts from your neighbors.
  5. Obtain items for the Witch Costume collection from Black Wraiths around your and your neighbor's cities, or by purchasing a Halloween Collections item set. Complete the collection and receive a Halloween Shop.
  6. Obtain items for the Collection of the Seal collection from the Halloween Shop, Pumpkin Bed or Halloween Collections item set.
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