Easter Cheer

Event Host

Event Descripion

Have you noticed those cute furry bunnies that are hopping around Airport City? Easter is here! Assemble a collection of Easter Eggs, build Farmers Markets and get some organic food there.


Item Sets



  1. Acquire Silver Sickles by collecting Clovers around neighbors' cities, trading with your neighbors or purchasing a Rabbit Set.
  2. Acquire Three-leaf Clovers by using a Silver Sickle on Clovers around your own city or purchasing a Farmer Set.
  3. Feed the Three-leaf Clovers to Easter Bunnies around your city to acquire Leafs and eggs for the Easter Eggs collection.
  4. Build the Farmers Market rewarded from the Easter Eggs collection and collect food items to complete the Organic Menu collection.
  5. Collect a total of 4 Easter Eggs collections, 4 Organic Menu collections and 75 Leafs.
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