Fuel Catalyst
Fuel Catalyst
Item Sets: Fuel Catalyst Pack
Flights: All Flights
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Fuel Catalyst Details:

The Fuel Catalyst reduces the flight time for a particular destination by 14% of the original flight time. For the amount of time the catalyst speeds up the plane, check the individual page of the flight of interest.
The Fuel Catalyst may be used twice during most flights, but only once on flights lasting 01h 20m or less. It is not available for use on flights less than 40 minutes in duration or where you need a special plane, like the Fighter Jet.

How to use the Fuel Catalyst:

  1. Launch your plane as usual.
  2. Go to "My Flights" and find the flight you wish to speed up.
  3. On the flight progress bar you will see one or two icons with double arrows (Catalyst Speed Up).
  4. Tap on the next icon your plane will reach and note the time remaining until your plane reaches it.
  5. Return to the "My Flights" screen at the specified time. When the Fuel Catalyst is able to be used, the double arrows icon will be flashing. There is only a one minute window of opportunity to use the Fuel Catalyst, so be careful not to miss it.
  6. Tap the flashing double arrow icon and a pop-up screen with show you time left in the flight and the amount of time it will be reduced through use of the catalyst.
  7. Tap on the Speed Up button and the plane will jump ahead on the progress bar the specified amount of time.
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