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Guest Jet (Blue).png
Guest Jet
Aircraft Details
Level: Level.png  13
Runway: Runway.png  Level 3
Flight Details
Coins: Coins.png  7
Experience: Experience.png  6
Other Reward: Fuel.png 1   or   Passengers.png 4
Common Items: A Big Paw (very seldom)

A Huge Backbone (very seldom)
Aircraft Tire (very seldom)
Ancient Skull (very seldom)
Bishop (very seldom)
Book (very seldom)
Butterfly Net (very seldom)
King (very seldom)
Knight (very seldom)
Paint (very seldom)
Phone (very seldom)
Queen (very seldom)
Rook (very seldom)
Sunglasses (very seldom)
T-rex Jaw (very seldom)
T-rex Tail (very seldom)

Special Items: Air Magnetometer (often)

Bouquet for Astronaut (often)
Cowboy Hat (very seldom)
Drill Equipment (often)
Flint and Steel (very seldom)
Horseshoe (very seldom)
Millstone (very seldom)
Rum Barrel (often)
Wagon Wheel (very seldom)

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Guest Jet planes come in several variations, each with a different paint scheme and some with swept back wings. Those variations are:

Guest Jet (Blue).png Light blue body and tail with white wings.
Guest Jet (White Red Tail).png White body and wings with red tail and engines.
Guest Swept Wing Jet (Red).png Red body with white wings and tail. Swept Wing.
Guest Swept Wing Jet (White Red).png White and red body, white wings and red tail. Swept Wing.