House with a Pool
House with a Pool
Level Required: Level  6
Land Required: Size  2x2
Coins: Coins  650
Electricity Required: Electricity  3
Population Required: Population  18
Construction Time: Construction  01h 00m
Construction Speed Up: Coins  180
Passengers: Passengers  12
Yield Time: Time  20m 00s
Neighbor Common Items: Digital Camera (very seldom)

Sneakers (very seldom)
Wristbands (very seldom)
Portable Audio Player (very seldom)
Pedometer (very seldom)
Isotonic Drink (very seldom)
Skin Care Products (very seldom)
Eau de Toilette (very seldom)

Neighbor Special Items: Cowboy Hat (very seldom)

Flint and Steel (very seldom)
Horseshoe (very seldom)
Millstone (very seldom)
Wagon Wheel (very seldom)

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