Flight Details
Malta-Flight Details
Location: Malta
Flight Requirements
Level Required: Level  10
Stars Required: Stars  0
Plane Required: Plane  Turboprop
Items Required: Powerful Radio Transmitter
Fuel Required: Fuel  16
Passengers Required: Passengers  38
Flight Duration
Flight Time: Time  02h 00m
Catalyst Acceleration: Catalyst Speed Up  16m 48s (2x)
Fuel Speed Up: Fuel  32
Skill Levels
Specialist: Stars  17 Flights
Master: Stars Stars   35 Flights
Expert: Stars Stars Stars  69 Flights
Flight Rewards
Gold Coins: Coins  85
Experience: Experience  51
Common Items: Ceramic Cat (very seldom)

Empennage (very seldom)
Flight Goggles (very seldom)
Flight Helmet (very seldom)
Letter in a Bottle (very seldom)
Lifejacket (very seldom)
Malta Crest (very seldom)
Server Rack (very seldom)
Slide Rule (very seldom)
Textbook (very seldom)

Special Items: Assembly Robot (very seldom)

Cable (very seldom)
Handheld Scanner (seldom)
Knight Headpiece (often)
Laser Level (very seldom)
Mail Sorter (seldom)
Maltese Cross (often)
Marking Machine (seldom)
Numerator (seldom)
Robot Tester (very seldom)
Spaceship Engine (very seldom)
Sunscreen (very often)
Video Wall (very often)
Winch (very seldom)

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The island of Malta is located near Italy but is considered one of the smallest countries in the world.

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