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Event Description

Arrange a glorious celebration of love and friendship in your Airport City! Let townsfolk meet in cozy gazebos and cafes, gift each other flowers and travel to the most romantic places around the world!


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Item Sets



  1. Build Romantic Buildings (Gazebo, Bridal Salon, Merry-Go-Round, Romantic Cafe, Sweet Shop) within your city.
  2. Visit the Romantic Buildings in your and your neighbors' cities to collect Romantic Passengers and items from the Dolce Vita collection.
  3. Fly to Romantic Destinations (Venice, Maldive Islands, Provence, Verona, Riviera) to acquire items from the A Plush Pleasure collection.
  4. Complete the A Plush Pleasure collection and build a Merry-Go-Round in your city.
  5. Acquire Pruning Shears by collecting flowers around neighbors' cities, trading with your neighbors or purchasing a Gardener Set.
  6. Use the Pruning Shears to collect flowers from around your city and obtain items from the Valentine's Bouquet collection.
  7. Continue collecting items until you have enough to fill three of each the Dolce Vita, A Plush Pleasure and Valentine's Bouquet collections, and building three Merry-Go-Rounds in your city.
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