Prometheus Mission-Stamp
Prometheus Mission
Flight Details
Prometheus Mission-Flight Details
Location: Outer Space
Flight Requirements
Level Required: Level  16
Items Required: Space Suit

Lab Notebook
Lunar Module
Orbital Telescope

Flight Duration
Flight Time: Time  01d 00h
Skill Levels
Specialist: Stars  10 Flights
Master: Stars Stars   50 Flights
Expert: Stars Stars Stars  100 Flights
Flight Rewards
Gold Coins: Coins  500-10,000
Experience: Experience  100-1000
Common Items: Prometheus Rocket Lander
Syntax - Template - Help

Prometheus Mission Launch requires 2000 points. You have 24 hours to accumulate these points. If you do not get the 2000 points the launch fails! You may obtain points from the following items:

Item Points Reuse Time
Liquid Fuel Liquid Fuel 2 10m 00s
Small Fuel Tank Small Fuel Tank 6 30m 00s
Additional Stabilizer Additional Stabilizer 12 02h 00m
Explosive Bolt Explosive Bolt 24 04h 00m
Solid Fuel Solid Fuel 12 02h 00m
Large Fuel Tank Large Fuel Tank 40 01m 30s
Main Stabilizer Main Stabilizer 120 01m 00s
Powerful Explosive Bolt Powerful Explosive Bolt 360 00m 30s

All items except Liquid Fuel may be obtained by using the Launch Ready item set. Solid Fuel may also be obtained from the Cosmic Fuel Station.

Invite other friends to join your launch or join someone else's launch and contribute points to achieve the target faster.

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