Research Lab
Research Lab
Level Required: Level  6
Land Required: Size  2x2
Coins: Coins  5000
Electricity Required: Electricity  3
Population Required: Population  0
Construction Time: Construction  05h 00m
Construction Speed Up: Coins  100
Inventory Coins: Coins  4000
Coins: Coins  204
Yield Time: Time  02d 00h
Neighbor Common Items: Isaac Newton (very seldom)

Marie Curie (very seldom)
Nikola Tesla (very seldom)
Albert Einstein (very seldom)
Archimedes (very seldom)
Ascent Stage (very seldom)
Descent Stage (very seldom)
Lunar Landing Gear (very seldom)
Radar Antenna (very seldom)
Docking Hatch (very seldom)

Neighbor Special Items: Astronomical Calculations (often)

Certificate of Authenticity (often)
Magnified Photo (often)

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The Research Lab is required to be able to fly to the Arctic Station destination.

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