Santa's Bad Day

Event Host

Event Description

Just before Christmas Santa got into big trouble and was left without a sleigh, aides, or gifts. Help him to get all of it back to have a proper holiday in Airport City!


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Item Sets



  1. Visit neighbors and chase away Christmas Elves to collect Faster than the Wind items, Christmas Elves items and Old Lanterns.
  2. Use Old Lanterns to chase away Christmas Elves around your city to collect Faster than the Wind items, Christmas Elves items and Star Dust.
  3. Complete Faster than the Wind collection to receive a Jet-Powered Sleigh.
  4. Build an Ice Runway and Hangar for Jet-Powered Sleigh.
  5. Collect items to complete Hangar for Jet-Powered Sleigh by making flights to Cyprus, San Francisco, Sydney, Moscow, Iceland and Tokyo.
  6. Use Star Dust to fly to Lapland to get Forgetful Santa items and gifts needed for Jet-Powered Sleigh Flights.
  7. Use gifts from Lapland to fly to Africa, Australia, Eurasia, North America and South America to collect ball ornaments and items needed for winter building construction.
  8. Complete Christmas Elves collection to receive a Skating Rink.
  9. Complete Forgetful Santa collection to receive Santa's House and an Igloo.
  10. Complete Five Continents collection to receive an Ice Sculpture Park.
  11. Use items from Jet-Powered Sleigh Flights to complete winter buildings.
  12. Collect items from winter buildings to complete Cold Winter collection and receive an Ice Castle.
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