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To use this template, enter the following and fill in the appropriate fields. Fields left blank will not show up. Adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Use .png file format for images.
  • The name of the main image should match the name of the page, substituting an underscore (_) for spaces and omitting illegal characters and periods.
  • Include double brackets ([[ ]]) to make the fields into links.
  • Place a line break (<br />) to go to a new line within a field.


Type {{Aircraft|<...>}} somewhere, with parameters as shown below.


Main Parameters
Image The name of the main image, named as described above. If no image of that name exists, a placeholder image will automatically be placed, so the image name should always be entered in this field, whether or not the image is currently available.
Name The name of the aircraft. If this field is omitted, the name defaults to the name of the page, so it is only necessary if the name of the building differs from the name of the page.
Aircraft Details Parameters
Level The level required to allow the purchase of the aircraft.
Runway The runway level required to use the aircraft. Enter just the number. (i.e. 1, 2, etc.)
Special Runway If a runway other than a standard numbered is required, enter its link here.
Capacity The number of passengers required in the terminal to take a flight with the aircraft.
Coins Required The cost to purchase the aircraft.
Tokens Required The gold and silver tokens (10g 20s) required to purchase the aircraft.
Items Required The items required to obtain the aircraft.
Special Capability Special capabilities (Speed: +10%) of the aircraft.
Flight Details Parameters
Common Destinations The destinations always available to the aircraft.
Alliance Destinations The destinations available only with the use of alliance maps.
Excavations Destinations The destinations available only with the use of excavations maps.
Special Destinations The destinations available for a short period of time to the aircraft.
Rewards Parameters
Coins The number of coins rewarded for landing Guest Planes.
Experience The amount of experience gained by landing Guest Planes.
Guest Fuel The amount of fuel rewarded by landing Guest Planes.
Guest Passengers The number of passengers rewarded by landing Guest Planes.
Common Items The items commonly dropped by landing Guest Planes.
Special Items The items dropped for a short period of time by landing Guest Planes.

Sample output

|Image = Turboprop.png
|Level = 7
|Runway = [[Runway#Runway (Level 2)|Level 2]]
|Passengers = 38
|Coins Required = 2000
|Common Destinations = [[Turkish Coast]]<br />
[[Washington D.C.]]<br />
[[Sao Paulo]]<br />
[[Bali Island]]<br />
[[Arctic Station]]<br />
[[Goa]]<br />
[[Excavations: Mesoamerica]]<br />
[[Malta]]<br />
[[Cape Canaveral]]<br />
[[Thailand]]<br />
[[San Francisco]]
|Special Destinations = [[Cambridge]]<br />
[[Fiji]]<br />
[[Tollan]]<br />

Results in...

Aircraft Details
Level: Level  7
Runway: Runway  [[Runway (Level Level 2)|Level Level 2]]
Capacity: Passengers  38 passengers
Cost: Coins  2000
Flight Details
Common Destinations: Turkish Coast

Washington D.C.
Sao Paulo
Bali Island
Arctic Station
Excavations: Mesoamerica
Cape Canaveral
San Francisco

Special Destinations: Cambridge


Syntax - Template - Help

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