To use this template, enter the following and fill in the appropriate fields. Fields left blank will not show up. Adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Use .png file format for images.
  • The name of the main image should match the name of the page, substituting an underscore (_) for spaces and omitting illegal characters and periods.
  • Include double brackets ([[ ]]) to make the fields into links.
  • Place a line break (<br />) to go to a new line within a field.


Type {{Collections|<...>}} somewhere, with parameters as shown below.


Main Parameters
Name The name of the collection. If this field is omitted, the name defaults to the name of the page, so it is only necessary if the name of the building differs from the name of the page.
Image The name of the main image, named as described above. If no image of that name exists, a placeholder image will automatically be placed, so the image name should always be entered in this field, whether or not the image is currently available.
Requirements Parameters
Event The event needed for the Required Items to become available.
Required Items The items needed to be obtained to complete the collection.
Rewards Parameters
Coins The number of coins rewarded for completing the collection.
Experience The amount of experience gained by competing the collection.
Rewarded Items The items rewarded upon completion of the collection.

Sample output

|Image = Stewardess'_Collection.png
|Items Required = [[Side Cap]]<br />
[[Bottle of Wine]]<br />
[[Beauty Bag]]<br />
[[Rules]]<br />
|Coins Rewarded = 300
|Experience = 100
|Items Rewarded = [[Business Class]]}}

Results in...

Stewardess' Collection.png
Required Items: Side Cap

Bottle of Wine
Beauty Bag

Coins: Coins.png   300
Experience: Experience.png   100
Rewarded Items: Business Class
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Notice the name of the item is identical to the name of the page (Collections/doc), since the Name field was omitted.

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